Monday, February 05, 2007

Halftime at Puppy Bowl III is the bomb. But not like the terrorist kind.

I am back to posting after taking the day off so I could watch all of Puppy Bowl III. Once again the highlight of the show was the halftime kitten program. I've got to admit I also can't get enough of that "Waterbowl Cam" that Animal Planet has totally perfected.

Yesterday I thought I had the diabetes, but I think I am just a little low on potassium. With all the soda I drink I piss most of my nutrients away. I've got to say a big Heep of thanks to the Drug Monkey who despite all protestations to the contrary has bought my next RC Cola binge. All $3.63 cents worth. It might be the funniest 3 dollars ever spent.

You might think that kind of bribery could convince me to stop all the monitoring of his piss, but not quite. We really need to learn a lot more. Plus his ex-girlfriend really enjoys collecting urine.

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